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These are the back issues of a writing page  Flights of Fancy on the Alan Rickman Fan site. The charactersare based on those played by Alan Rickman in film and on stage and written by Rickmaniacs.

Detailed synopsis thanks to Suzanne & Renie.
pebble January -- December 2006
pebble August -- December 2005
pebble April -- July 2005
pebble October 2004 to March 2005
pebble April -- October 2004 (coming!)
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pebble December 1 - 15, '00
pebble November 16 - 30, '00
pebble November 1 - 15, '00
pebble October 16 - 31, '00
pebble October 1 - 15, '00
pebble September 16 - 30, '00
pebble September 1 - 15, '00
pebble August 16 - 31, '00
pebble August 1 - 15, '00
pebble July 16 - 31, '00
pebble July 1 - 15, '00 Mary Anne is bound by the pirates, their plan revealed
Tory comes to Mary Anne's rescue... temporarily
Ed, the *Red-Handed,* demonstrate the "Black Spot"
The ritual of the "Black Spot" is carried out
Neva joins the party
Valmont sets his sights on Neva
The twins see something... interesting... in the cabana
George *assists* Joya in the cabana
Mr. I chooses his "Spot"
Mary Anne cuts free to defend herself
War breaks out between the sexes
Neva & Sandy prepare for Valmont's advances
Neva gives Sandy an advantage in her "Tug O' War" with Alexander
Brandon's turn to claim his "Spot"
Mary Anne lounges as she observes the poolside spectacles
The Sheriff reluctantly listens to Peter's story

pebble June 16 - 30, '00 A dance for Renie and then...
Hans sweeps her away... to the party
The Sheriff meets his new cellmate
The FOF pool set is ready for the party
Sandy arrives early
Sinclair & Clara "descend" to the party
Ed & Claudia prepare
Mary Anne surprises Brandon with her one-piece suit
Sandy meets Alexander... and Metatron... at the bar
Hans carries a blindfolded Renie to the party
Ed & Claudia enjoy themselves at the bar
The Director meets Hans & Renie at the door
Colin offers to *help* Ed with his "women problem"
Metatron hands out water balloons
Alexander meets Liz
Claudia struggles to free herself, as Sandy helps
Brandon & Mary Anne join the party
Renie greats Mary Anne & Brandon
George arrives at the party
Mary Anne & Renie are waylaid as they approach the cabanas
Joya chats with the gals about George
Sandy gives up her fight in the water war
At the bar, Joya resists George's advances
Valmont gets *acquainted* with Sandy
Joya feels estranged
Claudia meets Joya and starts to introduce her to everyone
Renie & Mary Anne size up the water balloon fight before joining in
Joya slips on the wet tiles
Dana finds the *perfect* attire for PL
Hart & Grace conspire at the bar
Dev pursues Therese
*War & Peace* in the cabanas
The party is raided by... Pirates!
Valmont & Sandy converse while avoiding projectiles
Renie & Mary Anne observe the raid from the cabanas
George keeps his eyes on Joya
Alexander captures Sandy
Mary Anne's does a *sliiiiiiiide* to escape Branson
The Director fusses at Mary Anne for her "stunt"
Sandy "walks the plank"
The wet tiles strike again as Claudia flees from "Pirates"
George collides with Joya and Claudia
Surfacing from the pool, George searches for Joya
Ed reveals to Brandon, his "plan" for Mary Anne
Sandy & Alexander discuss "office parties"

pebble June 1 - 15, '00 In her private cubicle, Mary Anne is absorbed in a book
The Director spurs Mary Anne to write her next scene
Sandy receives a "welcome" gift from the Director
Mary Anne sets to work after the Director's "threats"
Alexander gazes at the Pyramids of Giza
Brandon visits Mary Anne in her cubicle
The Sheriff and his... cell mates
Therese's return to the FOF set
Ed calls a staff meeting
The Sheriff is led from his cell
Dev and Therese reminisce about their first meeting
Mary Anne finally visits Therese's room
The staff gather to discuss the FOF anniversary party
The Sheriff is at *her* mercy
Alexander and his students run into a sandstorm
Sandy suggests a theme for the party
Mary Anne & Dev do... housework
Therese and Dev arrive late to the meeting
Mary Anne's wallet goes missing
Mary Anne sends Dev for tea and scones
Hart & Grace on a Hawaiian beach
Mary Anne's wallet is returned
The mysterious messenger asks the Director for a job
Sandy elaborates on her party theme idea
The Sheriff drowns his sorrow in wine

pebble May 16 - 31, '00 Sinclair & Claire, together as one at the *Banks of Three Rivers Island*
Dana enjoys hearing P.L. talk of their future together
Sinclair wakes P.L. to trouble across the River
George & Joya examine the "gift" and the situation
P.L. leaves Dana to join the light at the River
Burying the deceased
P.L. says a few words
The Doctor puts the boys to sleep... including Ed
The Sheriff is arrested for murder
Running Baer returns to the wagon train
A vote to determine the Sheriff's fate
Alexander waits... and waits, in the Director's office
The Doctor examines possible timestreams and past friendships
Alexander *literally* bumps into Sandy, new FOF writer
The partnership between the Sheriff & Joya is dissolved
Alexander gets acquainted with the Director & Sandy

pebble May 1 - 15, '00 "Good-bye" - Mary Anne, still unsure *what* to believe, leaves Claudia
Claudia falls into despair
Mary Anne's retreat to her room
The Sheriff's thoughts reveal a future he never before imagined
The Interrogator awakens from recurring dreams. Justice or mercy for HIM?
Hudson comes to take Claudia to the Empress
Claudia has second thoughts on the way to the Palace
Ed & the Doctor, in New Zealand
Rupert briefs the Empress while they "watch" HIM
Ed can't keep still any longer and decides to take action
The Sheriff finds a mysterious "gift" in his room

pebble April 16 - 30, '00 The Sheriff carries out his own plans to *assist* the young couple
The Interrogator inspects his new cell while contemplating his last encounter with the Empress
Claudia's private conversation with Commander Hudson
The Interrogator's thoughts turn to Claudia
The Sheriff shares his plan with Joya
Hudson leads Mary Anne to where Claudia is confined
Claudia tires to explain to Mary Anne, but...
Mary Anne can keep quiet no longer
The Sheriff's plan does not go as... planned
Mary Anne has her say
Claudia *tries* to explain... again

pebble April 1 - 15, '00 The Sheriff makes an unsettling discovery in the forest
Claudia gets restless as she waits for the Alliance
Declarations of love in the stable
Commander Hudson returns to Claudia's room
Mary Anne's promise to Brandon
Joya's compelling argument for assisting young love

pebble March 16 - 31, '00 Tea, pastries, the Interrogator & the Empress
A visitor arrives to assist Melisant in her training
The Empress proves to HIM that *she* is in charge
Rupert questions the Empress's methods
George & Joya's fortune increases
The Empress reveals her secret to Rupert

pebble March 1 - 15, '00 Dev watches helplessly as Therese goes after a mare
Brandon reassures the concerned de Velara
The Sheriff's lonely nights
Dr. McCoy examines Therese
Therese has nightmares
Mary Anne awakens alone
Melisant's training is undertaken
Nox pays a visit to Therese
The Interrogator is taken down to the Imperial dungeon

pebble February 16 - 29, '00 Brandon drives Mary Anne frantic
The Interrogator's Lament
Claudia gives herself up to the guards
The Interrogator is led to the Imperial throne
The secret of "the bundle"
A birthday surprise for the Director
Lydia's Fish Recipe for Bacalao a la vizcaina
Joya & George are questioned
Andrea reassures Dr. Mesmer
Grace gets a golf lesson... from a fish
The Interrogator is deceived by... the Empress
Andrea submits to Dr. Mesmer
The contents of Brandon's bundle is revealed
Brandon & Mary Anne discuss the portraits
George & Joya return to the Lodge in time for Melisant's arrival
The Alliance Rose records Claudia's story
The Empress & Rupert discuss tactics and the Interrogator's interview

pebble February 1 - 15, '00 The Inn is invaded
Brandon secretly observes his wife
The "ends *do* justify the means"
PL & Dana make it across the river
Brandon plays for Mary Anne
Grace feels like Scarlett O'Hara...
Claire's gentle quizzing
"Ah! vous dirai je, maman"
Food and clothes for Therese
Adam explains the raid to George
The Sheriff is accused of murder
A hasty dinner for the Brandons
The Interrogator thanks things over in the dungeon
Hans confronts Claudia
Therese's determination to help a horse
Joya comes to the Sheriff's defense

pebble January 16 - 31, '00 A new Lord in Barnsdale
The Interrogator's "dream of fair women"
Claudia is stopped by Hans & Colin
The Sheriff's new development with Joya
Mesmer petitions the Empress
Brandon sends Mary Anne to her room
Claire gains an unexpected companion
Grace realizes they are the only guests on the ranch
The Sheriff & Joya go to Christmas mass
The Interrogator arrives at the Imperial Palace
Grace discovers what it's "all about"
The Sheriff & Joya get invited to Christmas dinner
Mary Anne waits in her room
Melancholy songs in the music room
"Power" verses "Justice & fairness"
Brandon & Andrea come to the same conclusion
An eventful Christmas dinner

pebble January 1 - 15, '00 Mesmer explains Andrea's condition to Brandon
Sinclair is frightened for Claire
The Sheriff sends a report to Mauger
Enter, Alexander Dane
Dana tries to heed PL's instructions in the confusion of the Snake River
Joya knows the Sheriff's true identity
Brandon recalls his conversation with Andrea
Mary Anne has misgivings on her way to check on Therese & Andrea
Armored vehicle, Interrogator within, in route to the Imperial Palace
The Sheriff & Joya strike up a partnership
Mary Anne enters Andrea's guestroom
Grieving for the fallen
Joya & George make plans while riding in the forest
The Doctor examines Claudia
Mary Anne confesses to Andrea
Therese's healing begins with Rasputin's help
Andrea finally has her answers
George & Joya get company in the forest
Andrea's *link* to the Interrogator
"A Thousand Years"

pebble December 16 - 31, '99 "I want to see you"
A staggering gift
The Sheriff acquires a most interesting lady
A furry friend evades the Brandon's bedchamber
Grace notices a recurring theme at the Ranch
The Sheriff escorts Lady Joya to Barnsdale
Mary Anne is introduced to Nox
The Sheriff makes his move
Horse trouble
Therese lets it all out
Nox's story
Lady Joya's willingness
Brandon's concern for Mary Anne
"I can do this alone" Claire resolves
The morning after for Joya & George
A very hectic morning at Delaford
The Brandon's are briefed on the preceding night's raid
Claudia finishes explaining to Renie
The Imperial Palace is prepared for HIS arrival

pebble December 1 - 15, '99 Hiding the film
Claudia gets company on the roof
The last tangible reminder of HIM in flames
Major Ashley-Pitt bears bad news
Brandon reflects on the previous evening
Dev feels helpless trying to comfort Therese
The Marston family settles into a "quiet" life
Brandon is *surprised* by Mary Anne's reaction
The Lord High Sheriff of Nottingham in exile
A report from the BBC World Service
Renie confronts Claudia in the Tardis
Dr. Mesmer offers his assistance
"Kissing her Softly" - Dev consoles Therese
A Yorkshire Knight gives the Sheriff food & shelter
Did Brandon... or didn't he?
A letter from Robin of Locksley
Hart picks out a chestnut mare for Grace
Crossing the Snake River
The Sheriff sets his sights on the Knight's wealth
"Why?" - Renie wants answers from Claudia
George visits the Sheriff of Barnesdale's wife
Dr. McCoy disapproves of Dev's...*behavior*
Brandon takes in all Mary Anne has told him
Grace & Hart ride to the top of the hill looking over the ranch

pebble November 16 - 30, '99 Ed & the Doctor enter the Interrogator's lair
Elliott barges into Buttershaw's office
At the Colonel's bedroom door
Dev tries to soothe Therese
Andrea's reaction to HIS capture
Renie is reunited with her friend and husband
Molly reveals a horrid secret to Sam
Rene in the Director's office
Sam finds out what really happened to Elliott's parents
Brandon carries Claudia to his bed
Camera flashes in the Brandon's bedchamber
Claudia slips out through the window
Therese's is attended to by the medics
Elliott finds Major Ashley-Pitt
An antidote for Brandon
Claudia on the ledge
Flying back to Delaford
A new day, a new beginning at Delaford
Renie and Mary Anne in the garden
Farewells at the Wishing Well
"Tieing up lose ends"
Dev stays by Therese's side & MacCleod apologizes
"State of shock" -- Mary Anne feels... nothing
Claudia makes her way to the roof
Mary Anne tries to rationalize Claudia's actions
Ashley-Pitt tells his story
Therese realizes she is finally safe
Brandon awakens

pebble November 1 - 15, '99 Two minutes to doom for Colin
Minion has news for HIM
Charlie visits the Director
The envelope in Marston's truck
Elliott goes after answers on a moonless night
Brandon wakes to an empty bed...
Mary Anne remembers... *that* drug
The Interrogator's lair is stormed
Dev lets loose his fury against HIM
Elliott pays a nocturnal visit to his banker
The lingering scent of black orchard
Sam's silent rage
The Interrogator taunts de Valera
No time to lose - find Therese!
The Interrogator's revelation shatters Renie
Brandon and a plate of biscuits
The search of the Interrogator's lair for Therese
Therese is found!
The bomb squad is called
After the assination attempt down under
Releasing Therese
The story of the "Devil Fish"
Mary Anne is rescued from the pantry
Calbert Torken "helps" Elliott out
Claudia in Brandon's bedroom
Early morning on the Wagon Trail
Dana's birthday present
Reaching the Nez Perce Indian Camp
James Winterbourne delivers a message to Mary Anne
Sinclair muses about being an Indian
Claudia prepares herself in Mary Anne's bedchamber
Dr. Joanna McCoy arrives with news of the search
Mary Anne reveals her suspicions about Claudia
Claudia wearing Mary Anne's nightgown
Calbert Torken's house

pebble October 16 - 31, '99 The hooded horseman's mission
A debate between UNIT & Imperial Guard officers
Claire's shadow
The Signal has been given
The Interrogator's e-mail alert is again activated
Elliott walks through the desert of his childhood memories
Dana feeds Sinclair
Dana & P.L.
Colin & the Doctor contact the Interrogator
The Interrogator bathes Therese
An end for the doctor
Alone, Colin continues the impossible
Berries for Claire
Elliott & Sam begin to unravel the mystery
Mary Anne dreams of HIM
Behind-the-scenes of the "navy blue Speedo" pool scene
"The darkened corridors"
The Interrogator takes Therese to the... dining room
Behind-the-scenes: Mary Anne & Renie get caught peeking
The interrogator's dinner table
Renie & Mary Anne are... "all wet"
Hamlet sets out on a mission
Elliott tries to remember...
The "lifeguard" in Grace takes over
"Capture" in Mary Anne's nightmare
Calculated risks for the Interrogator & Colin
The Interrogator's lair is found
Claudia reaches Brandon's bedchamber
The interrogation of Mary Anne

pebble October 1 - 15, '99 Sam & Elliott put their, um... heads together to try and solve the mystery
The Hansjet in Wessex
Claudia's mayhem making
Troubled dreams for Mary Anne
The missing evidence
The Wagon Train reaches "American Falls"
Claudia realizes she "embraces her fear" - literally
"It's time" - The Alliance and UNIT go into action
Claudia falls into character...
Surprises on the Interrogator's Lair set
Colin receives a letter
Renie awakens in the Tardis
Ed & Renie in the Holodeck
Kari's plane lands in Boston
The list of Buttershaw's clients
An end to Dev's desperate pursuit
Elliott talks to Len, Palace doorman/security guard
Andrea has a secret plan
The Imperial Guard on the field
Grace & Hart arrive at their "getaway" in Alisal
"Amour courtois" of an Imperial Guardsman
Claudia heads toward the Brandon's bedchambers
Sam's brother, Niall, stays behind
The Empress waits
Colin & a doctor in Egdon
The old "workshop"
The Interrogator draws...
Mary Anne's Conservatory dream
Elliott receives a letter
A hooded horseman enters the field
The old switcheroo plan

pebble September 16 - 30, '99 Brandon's unusual... behavior
Claire's urgent awakening
Colin's "explanation" sinks in
The intimate details...
Claudia works out a plan in the Kitchen
Mary Anne, trying to remember...
Marston evades the police
Renie tries to contact HIM
The interrogator considers his plans for Therese
Mary Anne makes her way to the kitchen
"The code, please" - Renie & Colin, running out of guesses
PL's night with the bottle
Claudia puts her plan into action
Mary Anne gets trapped in the pantry
Grace & Hart's drive from the airport
One guess left, and "turbulence"
Sinclair finds PL
Therese's fear and fury at HIM
Dana mistakes Sinclair for O'Hara
Grace follows a golfball trail
Running Bear closely observes the new Wagon Master
PL's guilt
The Interrogator is summoned to HIS computer
Grace opens Hart's gift
The Banker's betrayal
Mary Anne tries to get out of the pantry
Andrea enters the conference room
Mary Anne's spiraling thoughts
Sam to the rescue!
Gulf lessons for Grace
"Lost signal" - Hans worries about Renie
The storm bows over
Elliott & Belle's Palace
Therese rebels against Minion
"Navy blue Speedos" - Hans goes for a swim
Pantry scents trigger old memories

pebble September 1 - 15, '99 Elliott is interrogated again
Claudia leaves the Tardis
"The Choice"
PL notices Claire & the Indian
Sam Ferguson's funeral
Brandon and Sifuentes in the West Wood
Running Bear speaks
Renie on the airstrip
"The glasses"
Hart's private jet arrives
The Marston's hotel rooms are ransacked
The Diamond Lady & the Innkeepers
Mr. I gets hotter
Negotiations with the Blackfoot Indians
The man in the cloakroom
Mary Anne concludes her enthralling sorry
"Wedding night" for Mr. & Mrs. Marston?
Mary Anne speaks to Valmont about faith, love and... doubt
Renie's jet leaves the ground
Reminiscing Renie
"The Spitler"
The darkened private room aboard the Hansjet
PL in turmoil
Kate "scones" a guard
Claudia & Kate, together again
Colin starts explaining...
Sinclair returns to his wagon
Mr. I finds "the spot"
Elliott's lawyer visits during breakfast
PL's gentle offer to Dana
Full body blush...
The Director has a talk with Andrea
Running Bear longs for comfort
"Reopened wounds"
Elliott & his lawyer discuss their next plan of action

pebbleAugust 16 - 31, '99 Dev runs out of patience
Claudia helps her children pack
Elliott speaks privately with Mr. Sam Flanagan
The Interrogator returns to Therese's room
Elliott & Miss Sam at the seamstress
Andrea abandons all thoughts of resistance
Mary Anne's horrifying memories
Back on the Gold Rush Trail!
A visit from Belle
Sinclair takes command
Comfort from Diggory Venn
Dinner preparations on the Westward Trail
Early morning at the Gruber's home
Mr. I reaches closer towards his goal
Hans & Renie: each with their own mysterious plans
Claudia takes her boys to the Tardis
Elliott & Sam head for the stable
Colin & Grace go... fishing
Diggory's explanation for working for HIM
Claire & Dana await news about the fate of the Wagon Train
Grace fears Colin has stumbled into the sting
Chest Watters comes for Sam's brother!
Ed & Claudia in the Tardis
PL brushes Dana's hair
"Conspiratorial silence"
Colin talks to Rene's on his car phone
The small locked office at Global Marketing
Wedding jitters for Sam
Colin visits Renie
PL changes the subject
Running Bear & the dog
Diggory's tale of "The Highwayman" production
"Mr. & Mrs. Elliott and Sam Marston"
Grace uncovers a missing piece of the Global Marketing & Hansbank puzzle
Marston & his lawyer are summoned to the Chief Constable's office
A casual Delaford dinner
Sam & her brothers at the Emporium, Elliott behind bars
Grace examiners all the possible scenarios
"The Blackridge Highwayman & The Diamond Lady" story
Therese succumbs to the Interrogator's terrifying...... kindness
The "Bold Mrs. Marston"

pebble August 1 - 15, '99 "The Buccaneers"
Sam & Elliott in the back parlor
Dev unburdens his heart to Mary Anne
Andrea & Mr. I indulge...
Elliott's "pros & cons" list
Elliott & Sam arrive in Fremantle
Andrea resists
Elliott has a few drinks with the banker
Sam tries to sneak away through the window
Mr. I gains the upper hand... again
Miss MacLeod reveals another side of herself
Claudia runs into Brandon
The kiss in the corridor
Quiet walk to "Belle's Palace"
Meeting in the library with Commander Hudson
Mr. I reveals his "plans" to Andrea
A gun in Marston's back
"A fine line between fear and excitement"
Commander Hudson discusses Willoughby's past "activities" in the West Wood
Elliott meets Sam's family
Hans examines Colin's report
Calling of the Imperial Guard

pebble July 16 - 31, '99 A challenge
Quality time before Hart leaves
Mary Anne's determination and fear
Brandon speaks of honour
Andrea prepares for the meeting with Nottingham
Elliott Marston meets his new guests
Elliott gets acquainted with Sam Flanagan over dinner
Therese's thirst
Sam's desperate plea to Marston
Love, honor and... obey?
The price of obedience, and Brandon's trump card
Grace reveals her findings to the Government
"En garde"
Disaster in the cookhouse
Grace takes a chance
Sam is hired...
The British army visits the Marston Ranch
Dot interrupts a conference between the Sheriff & his lawyer
Marston's guest may know a secret about Sam
Therese has a plan
A perfect day for a ride in the Outback
The Brandon's switch weapons: the Aurientine & Salamanca
Mr. I's birthday gift to Andrea
The Flanagan Brothers & their Father
Colin reports his... Grace's findings to Hans
Therese captures HIM!
Cheese, cake & Champagne on the Valley of the Moon set
The Brandon's fencing practice is interrupted
Andrea is reminded of "unfinished business" with Mr. I
Mr. I recreates their past... situation
Dev goes after Mary Anne
Ed talks to the Doctor about Claudia

pebble July 1 - 15, '99 "The Wrath of Ed"
Mesmer & Dot are skeptical
Claudia & Ed have a private "talk"
"Breakfast for Mrs. Brandon"
Brandon's will
A release of pent-up feelings
The Interrogator's mechanic analogy
Brandon's wealth
Andrea's examination
David tells Kari about his past
"questions" about de Velara
Grace & Hart "get in touch"
Favors asked of Anton Gruber
Dev in the library
The White Room for Therese
An engagement ring for Grace
Mary Anne & Brandon discuss the will

pebble June 16 - 30, '99 Therese's interrogation begins
Andrea senses HIS presence
Branson wakes Mary Anne
Hans returns home from a hard days work
Morning drifts into the Hansbank office
The Director plans the 2nd FOF anniversary party
Sinclair & P.L. arrive for the party
Cake & Champagne
The Interrogator changes tactics
Claudia & the Doctor make their way to Delaford
Col. Branson takes command
Claudia reveals herself
Mary Anne feels inadequate
Mary Anne's birthday surprise
Raz's healing power
Manacles for Therese
Claudia starts explaining
Dev's tale
Therese starts losing her resolve
Claudia's memories
Cooperate and submit? Therese? Ha!
Dev "wants to know"
"Venusian aikido"
The Interrogator's liar *after* filming has ended
Colin shows his gratitude

pebble June 1 - 15, '99 A round of toasts to the newly engaged
Andrea swoons
Colin passes out in the Peninsula grill room
Jamie & Charlie on a mission of repair
What to do with Colin?
"Bride of the Highwayman" strikes again
Jamie's doubts about the restoration shop
Dev & Therese retire to his guest roomd
Mary Anne reads, umm, a popular book while waiting for Branson
Branson interrupts her fantasy... to fulfill it
Mesmer persuades Andrea to postpone the meeting
Emily & Jamie finally meet
Grace drives Colin to his office
Mary Anne's insomnia
Examinations and discoveries in the Tardis sick bay
Jamie entrusts his cello to Emily
A night locked in the HansBank
A cold but cozy (not to mention, playful) morning for the Brandon's
Hamlet tries to comforts Andrea
Rasputin pleads with Andrea
Hart ponders his past with Joy
Emily wonders about Jamie's past
A letter from Mozart
Pre wedding breakfast
Therese & Dev ride out to the parish priest
But are intercepted by... HIM
Andrea invites Rasputin into her room...
Therese awakes... in the lair of the Interrogator
Branson breakfasts alone
Dev gains consciousness in the West Wood

pebble May 16 - 31, '99 Valmont lavishes his attentions upon Andrea
Therese & Dev arrive fashionably late for dinner
Brandon inquires Andrea about her health
Grace begins to piece the Hansbank puzzle together
Charlie races to Jamie's side
Therese struggles (both mentally & physically) while rehearsing with Mr. I
Dev & Valmont's verbal duel
Kari contemplates her recent past
Grace solves the puzzle
Andrea evades Col. Brandon's inquiry
Therese tries another strategy during rehearsals
Charlie discovers Jamie's distress
Post dinner conversations in the Delaford drawing room
Grace runs into Colin while catching a late dinner
lieutenant Sifuentes draws Mary Anne aside for important news
Valmont approaches Therese by the refreshment table
Therese catches Mr. I off guard... then, vice versa
Mary Anne gives Ed the latest information
Dev takes matters... and Therese... into his own hands
Mary Anne relates Commander Hudson's message to Brandon
The phone call from Lord Nottingham's attorney
Kari is homeward bound
Charlie decides it's time to confess
Claudia returns to Delaford
The discussion in the Tardis
Dev announces his engagement to Therese

pebble May 1 - 15, '99 Andreas prepares for dinner
Grace's Hansbank stock investigation
The director holds *another* casting call
Jamie gets reacquainted with "Sophie"
Claudia's "morning after"
Soul searching
Sophie's flaw
The "smoking woman"
The Interrogator's office
Dev pleads to Emily for her safety
Mr. I helps Therese... in more ways then one
Mary Anne & Brandon declare a truce... no, a surrender...
Therese & Joy are introduced
Dev proposes to Therese... again
Conditions of "surrender"
Claudia's third task
"The Night Sky" gown
The Brandons discuss Claudia's "disappearance"
Mr. I "goes Interrogator"
Ed wanders into the library
Dev's search for a priest
Rasputin wakes up... briefly... in a "woman's room"
"electricity" between Andrea & Hamlet
Mary Anne regards her dinner guests
Grace "takes stock" of her situation
The Interrogator prepares Claudia for her departure
Dinner is served
Mr. I & Therese "rehearse"

pebble April 16 - 30, '99 Gold Rush story moves to the independent studio at Off Topic
The Director holds a casting call
Hamlet returns to Andrea
Contemplation in the Gallery
Hart reads the FOF reviews
Mr. I's "skills"
Brandon's bath
Therese worries about upcoming scenes with Mr. I
Hans summons Colin... to the sauna
Ed wakes up
Colin's Hansbank stock report
Mesmer & Hamlet's discussion
Brandon & Mary Anne's first marital quarrel
Mr. I arrives early at Grace's trailer
Colin "propositions" Grace in her office

pebble April 1 - 15, '99 Mr. Willoughby's help is sought
Claire's distorted perception
The table turns between Claudia & Mr. I
Jamie & Charlie get company
Mary Anne's April Fools joke
Hamlet's encounter with the Sheriff
The Director goes after Mary Anne
The elevator scene
Easter surprise!
Claire is examined by a *real* Doctor
At the Wagon Master's mercy
Hart severe Grace's life line
Mary Anne lands *on top*
The wardrobe room & the missing cufflinks
Claudia goes... "all the way"
Hart goes overboard
Just in time for Grace
Mr. I feels typecast
Floor "P" of Nakatomi Plaza
Claudia punches out her problems
Hart "warms her up"
Therese bumps into Mr. I... literally
The Sea Dove returns home... minus one
Mary Anne in the Director's office
Grace scatters the ashes
Hamlet's dilemma
The cast gets ready for the next scenes

pebble March 16 - 31, '99 Mary Anne reveals her past to Therese
Boston flashback: Kari meets David at the Ritz-Carlton
Renie's heartbreaking doctor appointment
Hart surprises Grace
Trouble for Dana at Fort Hall
Claudia & Mr. I celebrate her... accomplishments
Hart takes Grace sailing
The search for Claudia continues
Claire is examined by a "doctor"
The search party returns to the Brandon's home... in a hurry
The Sea Dove hits a storm

pebbleMarch 1 - 15, '99 A farewell party is held for PL & Dana
A search party goes out to find the Sheriff, Mr. I & Claudia
Jamie gives Charlie inspiration to begin her novel
Renie & Hans settle into their LA home
Grace & Hart have dinner at his place
New Orleans flashback: Kari & David return to Boston
Claudia completes her second "task"
PL & Dana prepare to set out towards Oregon Territory

pebble February 11 - 28, '99 Second night of marital bliss for the Brandons continues
PL & Dana prepare to split from the wagon train
"Silence of Glass" dedication
David's flashback of New Orleans continues
Charlie *tries* to write a novel
Hart is hiding something from Grace
Dev passes Therese's "tests" and they reconcile
Renie & Hans part from Delaford
Claudia is hypnotized in HIS presence
Grace & Hart's impromptu scene
Claudia's disappearance is discovered... poor Ed
Mr. I has a few tests of his own, for Claudia
Sinclair proposes to Claire... or does he?
Andrea on her way to recovery

pebble February 1 - 10, '99 PL is found and rescued
New Orleans flashback: Achilles leaves Kari with... nothing
The Brandon's second night is full of pleasures &... fears
New Orleans flashback: David & Kari meet for the first time
The Interrogator locks Claudia in
New Orleans flashback: David comes to Kari's rescue
Dana nurses PL back to health
Claire becomes ill
Charlie gives into her feelings for Jamie
Dev continues to "please" Therese
Mr. I tries to figure Claudia out
Mesmer & Marian continue to aid Andrea
Charlie remembers the night she and Jamie first kissed
Hart teaches Grace a lesson in trust?
Sinclair overhears a private conversation
David & Alexis arrive at their island house
Grace & Hart set to work on more documents

pebble January 16 - 31, '99 Brandon's "talk" with Dev
Therese puts Dev to the test
Mary Anne inspects the Delaford kitchen
Andrea gets critically ill
Achilles regains consciousness (off set)
The festivities continue at the 'day after the wedding' dinner
And so does the love games between Mary Anne & Brandon
Claudia goes to HIM
The one-night-stand scene between Achilles & Kari
Grace & Hart move to the next level
Mesmer gets to the bottom of Andrea's illness
Therese & Dev reconcile
PL in the snake pit
Zelda becomes Metatron's apprentice
Dev is accosted in the kitchen

pebble January 1 - 15, '99 The Dev & Therese feud continues
And so does the Achilles investigation
Gold Rush back on track - PL lost
Claudia leaves Ed and the twins...
Kate pops in for a visit
Grace and Hart continue their cautious relationship

pebble December 4 - 31, '98 Mary Anne & Brandon's wedding reception at Delaford
Let the Tango begin!
The Empress makes an appearance
Sinclair has a bout of jealousy (off set)
Return of the... Highwayman
Renie & Hans' new... production
The wedding night
Claudia remembers... everything
Kari reports from Hawaii
Andreas & Hamlet almost...
Therese is attacked
Andreas is assaulted
Behind-the-scene attempted murder investigation of Achilles
Therese and Dev have a feud

pebble November 16 - December 3, '98 Mary Anne gets an unwelcome visitor
Jamie & Charlie grow close
Sinclair & Antony get acquainted
An invitation is... intercepted
Mesmer & Hamlet try to help Andreas recover
Old friends reunite
The arrival of Therese & Dev
Mary Anne & Brandon's wedding ceremony

pebble November 1 - 15, '98 The wedding invitations are sent
Grace & Heart have an... understanding
Renie and Hans become one, once more
PL goes missing
Kari meets Achilles (in flashback)
Mary Anne & Brandon depart Safehouse #3 for Delaford
Enters Mark Antony
Mary Anne spends the night at Barton Park

pebble October 16 - 31, '98

pebble October 1 - 15, '98

pebble September 16 - 30, '98

pebble September 1 - 15, '98

pebble August 16 - 31, '98    *Evil MA* thread

pebble August 1 - 15, '98    Rehabilitation of Lukas Hart

pebble July 15 - 31, '98    Gold Rush begins

pebble July 1 - 14, '98

pebble June 10 - 30, '98    FOF Full Monty!

pebble May 18 - June 10, '98

pebble April 28 - May 17, '98

pebble April 2 - 28, '98

pebble March 16 - April 2, '98

pebble February 8 - March 16, '98    1846 Story begins

pebble January 12 - 31, '98

pebble January 1 - 12, '98

pebble December 22 - 31, '97    Gruber wedding: Renie's posts

pebble December 22 - 31, '97    Gruber wedding: Claire's posts

pebble December 13 - 22, '97

pebble December 4 - 12, '97

pebble November 16 - December 4, '97    Tango posts

pebble November 1 - 15, '97 Hans proposes again
Antique Canopy Bed
Ed's Rescue
Sinclair's "dinner" with Claire
Enter Dwight
I died long ago
Feathering of Valmont
Dana and PL
Elliot and the Ranch
The Wessex Unicorn
The pot roast

pebble October 1 - 31, '97

pebble September 9 - 30, '97

pebble August 17 - September 8, '97

pebble August 1 - 16, '97 Whites Roses in the Tardis Rose Garden
Brandon Chopping Wood
"Mein Abend Stern"--Claudia's Hans Poem
The Green Rooster, East Egdon
The Kindergarten Teacher
Claudia's English Patient Dream
Wearing Black on the Tardis
The Black Gap
Hans' Shower at Safehouse #7
Brandon's Declaration of Love for Mary Anne
The Cavalry Advances on The Interrogator
Ask Lisa
At Renie's Grave
Diggory Venn's Van--Desperate Measures
Hans' Poem Translated
Mary Russell and Holmes
"Do you wish to become LIKE him?"
Hans Reunited
Fingers, Red Powder and Words
"I can't bear it if you're not real . . . "
Hans and Brandon--Brothers in War and Peace
Layover on Egdon Heath--Manor House
The Interrogator Sings Gilbert & Sullivan
Kate Cooks--Everyone is Reprieved, Except HIM
Jamie's Words of Wisdom
Jamie and Rebecca
Willoughby Asks The Colonel for Permission to Marry Beth
Kate and the Colonel
Renie's Trip to the Tardis--to HIM
Mary Anne's picnic with Hans
Mary Anne Cries on Brandon's Shoulder
The Colonel Drinks with Diggory Venn
Lis and Prawns
Hans prays: Scone snacks in the Kitchen
Mary Anne feels the Call of the Interrogator
Mr. I's Hallucination and Heart Attack
Hans meets Skippy and Rebecca
Jamie's Walk on the Heath
Venn Delivers the Colonel--to Mary Anne
Hans and Alice
Rebecca Reaches Out to Jamie--and finds him
Mary Anne Reaches *Down There*
Claudia and Ed in the Stables
Cream sheets--of paper: Mary Anne asks for Brandon's "talk"
Kitchen temptation for Ed and Claudia until Jamie arrives
Valmont meets Mr. I--for the Pre-Trial Conference
The Gathering of Men in the Tardis
A Plea and A Release and An Escape--Mr. I and Renie
Hamlet arrives
Rebecca speaks to Doctor Who on Jamie's behalf
Claudia and Ed "in the pooh"
Brandon tucks in Mary Anne--on the chair
Lis cries and Valmont meets Claudia
Skippy and Raz stop firing rounds and head for the hayloft
At Hilltop--Brandon's reprimand of Mary Anne
Hans and Renie in the Protected Hollow
The Interrogator's Muse/The Legend of the "Bad Man"
Jamie practices for the celebration and deliberates on life
To Hilltop on Horseback
Satin silver shackles for Andrea
Restored to the Colonel's good graces: aka The Lost Crop

pebble July 23 - 31, '97 First Carpe Diem Quiz
The kitchen pies/the water hosing
Brandon and the clothesline
"You Loved Me Still the Same"
Hans goes after Mr. I
Hans' black silk robe
Kate's "Goodbye" poem
Jamie and the guys at the Diner--The Plan
The Black Jeep Cherokee--The Pursuit
She Loves You (Yeah, yeah, yeah...)
The Colonel follows
Renie's Confession--Betrayal...or worse
Lis and Valmont
The Interrogator's Offices
Hans learns the truth--too late
Raz and Skippy's ride
Hairpins for HIM
The Chase
An Unexpected Savior
Ellen and George
Escape to Egdon
The Love Bites
Warming her lips
Sinclair babysits
Recovery at the House on the Heath
Sophia and Sinclair
In The Colonel's Food
Nottingham Castle
Egdon Heath--The arrival
Enter Diggory and Thomasin
Skippy and Raz

pebble July 12 - 23, '97 Deux Ex Machina
Safehouse #3--The Wine Country
The subconscious of Mary Anne
Kate's spoons/Guts for Garters
Abandon All Hope . . .
Fencer's Whites
Andrea and George
Claudia's Hans poem
Safehouse #7

pebble July 7 - 12, '97 Safehouse #1--The Mid-west with George
Brandon in hospital
The fire at Renie's Guestroom
Motel 6
Obadiah Slope's rescue
Peter Gruber
The car explosion
The Mini-mart
Mary Russel and Holmes
The Tardis

pebble June 18 - July 7, '97
      (first back issue)
Delaford Picnic
The South Rose Garden
Hans proposes
Mr. I abducts the Colonel
Black Orchids
The Bellboy Story of Hans
Operation "Ode to Joy"

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